12th March 2008 / Day 72 (437)

12th March 2008 / Day 72 (437) Author: Anne
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[Peter Kay] Cheeeeeese caaake? A caaake of cheeeeese? [/Peter Kay]

I made this cheesecake for a dinner party tonight. It's a no bake one so nice and easy to do. I should have pressed the cheese down more to avoid gaps and use less digestives (I added more as I thought I would need them) but oh my, it was lovely!

Lemon Cheesecake (copied from Nigella.com)

110g digestive biscuits
50g butter
25g brown sugar
350g cream cheese (full fat, I use Philadelphia)
75g caster sugar
Zest of 1 lemon
Juice of 3 lemons (you need about 6 tablespoons)
150ml double cream

Crush the biscuits thoroughly to fine crumbs.
Melt the butter in a saucepan and mix in the crushed biscuits and brown sugar.
Press into an 8 inch loose bottomed cake tin (I have found it much easier to turn out using one of these).
Chill in the fridge while you make the the topping.
Beat together the cream cheese, castor sugar, lemon zest and lemon juice until smooth and creamy.
Whip the double cream until you have soft peaks.
Mix together the cream cheese mixture and the cream.
Spread over the base and chill for a couple of hours.


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